Help us develop technical solutions to make the lives of foster youth and those who support them, easier!
Save the date Dec. 3-4 (overnight at Ebay in NYC)  

Due to limited space at our venue we’re going to be selecting participants for the hackathon in advance. If you, or members of your community, would like to participate you’ll need to fill out this form
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The NYC Administration for Children’s Services serves over 9,000 children and youth (from birth to age 21) in foster care. Many have experienced significant trauma in their lives and others face obstacles like moving from one home to another. While the majority of young people leave foster care and go home to their parents or are adopted, about 600 young people age out of foster care without a family to call their own. These older youth need tools to help prepare them to be successful adults.

Help us #HackNYCFosterCare!
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